Here is a quick bit about this blog.  (I promise to come back and update more later.)

I am a mommy of four amazing (and challenging!) kids- ages 5, 3 & 2.   We have one adopted child (he's 3) & a set of twins (they're 2).  Daily we face special needs as well as food allergies.  I am also a  part time ballet instructor & a Jesus lover.

We are currently navigating a recent move to a house that was well loved, but old & in need of some updating (and possibly more repairs than we thought).  As for me, I am a hot mess these days- full of ideas and very little follow through & a lot of tiredness, stress & good intentions.

What better to do with a melting pot of issues, then blog about them?  I hope to inspire & connect with you on your journey through whatever mess you are dealing with.  Feel free to comment & share!



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