Monday, January 4, 2016

It's a New Year Y'all!

I use "y'all" liberally, as "This Mommy Mess" has exactly 0 readers at this point.

That's honesty.   Right up front there.

So... if you are reading- WELCOME!  YOU ARE READER NUMBER 1!! or 2!!! or maybe even 10!!!!  I am SO glad you are here! 

(And if I didn't scare you away with my way-too-enthusiastic greeting...)

Again, I repeat- It's a New Year!

Time for LOTS & LOTS of resolutions.  Even though now it's trendy to "not" do a resolution... since we all fail at them.  So we don't even go there anymore.  Way. to. strive. people.  

(Did I mention I don't make resolutions either?)

Resolutions or no... there is something about the new year that gives us fresh energy & life.  And as a mother who no longer sleeps much since I now have four children (3 of whom are toddlers).  I say it it is unwise to pass up on ANY life event that provides you with more energy or excitement.  Even if it is just the give-up-before-we-start-since-we-will-fail-anyway-just-pick-a-word-that-represents-your-New-Year type. 

I have spent the New Year contemplating a lot about what needs to change in my life.  I mean a lot.  I have a list about a year long for 2016 (which I guess is fitting).  However, I am TERRIBLE about making long lists of plans that I never ever do, so I am going to try a different tactic this time.  Instead of thinking long term (at least out loud), I am just going to piece things together week by week.  Line by line.  Post by post.  

And I will do that by issuing (what I hope is) the first of many- Mommy Challenges!  (Yes, I know that is a lame name... I will resolve to think of a more creative name next year.)  

Mommy Challenge #1 
Conquer Mount Washmore.

(Are you familiar with Fly Lady?  If you're not, you probably should be.  Here- You're Welcome.)

You would not believe the amount of laundry I have accumulated in my house.  (Well, if you know me then you would.)  It is so embarrassing that I cannot even bear to show you a picture of it- and it would take at least 10 pictures to do it justice.  Suffice it to say that towels, sheets, waterproof mattress covers, pillows that have been peed or thrown up on, crib bumpers that have to be washed separately, dance clothes and regular clothes for SIX people adds up really, really quickly. Especially when you are bad at keeping up with laundry.  

But the laundry is taking up our entire house y'all.  
(Again I use the word y'all loosely.)  

So my plan is for 14 days (I guess starting today) is that I will wash THREE loads of laundry every day.  That's 42 loads between now & then.  We also just bought a large loading washing machine last June, so for a normal washing machine that's probably 4.5 loads/day or 63 loads in two weeks! Victory!  It is HARD to keep up that pace, but I definitely have that much laundry to deal with.  So here. we. go.

Mommy Challenge #1 - I will be back somewhere around June 19th to let you know how it went.  Now I am officially handing off the challenge to YOU.  

Here are your instructions:
1.  Assess your laundry situation.
2.  Decide how fast and hard you can realistically hit this thing.
3. Commit to a plan.
4. If you are seriously reading this & thinking "I need to do this too!" Leave your plan in the comments & we will share in each others' New Year laundry conquering joy!
5. DO IT!
6. Come back here to let us know your progress.

Happy Laundering,